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Are you looking for the best conditions for a run or a tough Cross-fit session? All of us who train have probably experienced muscle pain, cramps in the calves and tenderness in the bones after a run on asphalt. There are ways to give your legs relief and support, and that's with compression stockings. By using compression socks, you can improve your training results thanks to better blood circulation. Compression socks relieve the legs and in this way you can increase your performance and get more out of your physical activities.

Relieve training pain with compression socks

When you invest in compression stockings from Funq Wear, you ensure that you give yourself the best conditions for proper recovery before the next training session. If you put on a pair of compression socks after the training session, you will increase the flow of blood in the leg muscles and thus counteract stiff calves and leg muscles. Choose a pair of our colorful compression socks, long or short, it will give you a new dimension in your active life.


Sports socks and calf support

Sports socks with compression are specially developed to be extra durable, provide faster recovery and good support for the muscles. They also transport moisture away and act as shock absorbers, reducing muscle vibrations. Training socks with compression can be used for different types of physical activity, everything from running and training in the gym to simple walks.

A support sock for the calf, so-called calf support or compression sleeves, is suitable for training both indoors and outdoors regardless of the season. The sock stabilizes the calf muscle and reduces the vibrations in the calf so that your legs feel fitter and stronger for longer. It reduces the risk of inflammation, and the increased pressure around the ankle that the support stocking gives you increases blood circulation in the lower leg. The supply of oxygen to the muscles counteracts tired and stiff muscles, and the risk of you getting lactic acid during the activity is reduced.

Funq Wear's calf supports are popular with many exercisers because they are soft and comfortable. Thanks to the fact that they do not lock in the moisture, the feet feel fresh and they also reduce the risk of you getting blisters and chafing.

Fresh, healthy feet make for better exercise

With us at Funq Wear you will also find compression socks in wool, knitted in extra fine quality, which are perfect for all kinds of training. Wool socks are just as suitable for a hike in the mountains as for a tougher orienteering round through forest and land. The wool regulates the temperature naturally and keeps the feet dry and fresh, even in tight shoes.

Start using a pair of compression support socks when doing any activity that puts strain on your legs. Regardless of whether it's a long walk with the dog, cardio training or recovery after the gym session, your legs and feet will thank you.

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