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Tired and sore feet and legs after working a long day on hard floors?

If you work in professional categories such as health care workers, cleaners, shop staff and fitters, you know that your feet can be sore and hurt after a long shift on dull and hard floors.

Sore, aching feet not only hurt, but they also affect the well-being of the entire body. Working in a workplace where you stand and walk a lot on hard floors can after a long time create discomfort and pain, not only in the feet but in the whole body, perhaps especially the lower back. It is common for a day's work on dull floors to result in tired legs and sore, aching feet.

Support socks for work on hard floors

Standing or walking on hard floors affects the circulation in the feet and legs. Whether you work in a warehouse, outdoors or in a store, you can find support socks that are suitable for your profession and your work clothes.

The socks help the oxygen-poor blood in the feet to reach the heart for oxygenation. Swollen and tired legs are counteracted.

Today, there are compression socks in nice colors, patterns and materials that suit all clothing styles, and that help to perk up tired feet and legs that work on hard floors all day. At Funq Wear, you can find support stockings in merino wool that have a good warming function, organic cotton stockings in a variety of colors that you can match with the suit, and fun stay-ups or tights that go well when wearing skirts and dresses.

Socks are needed on the feet, so why not use support socks for increased blood circulation? They reduce the risk of fluid accumulation in the legs, varicose veins forming and keep your legs fit and slim.

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