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Privacy policy

In order to complete a purchase on through a guest account (temporary account) or a customer account, you will need to leave certain personal data. The Swedish company Funq Products AB is responsible for the personal data that you give us access to.

Personal information we gather during purchases, through guest- or customer account

When you complete a purchase on or when registering a customer account on we collect data which is required so that you, as customer, will be able to complete your purchase. The data we collect for this purpose is:

  •       First & Last name
  •       Street Address, ZIP code and County
  •       Telephone number
  •       E-mail address
  •       Social Security Number

The legal basis for collecting personal information during a purchase is to create an agreement with the registered customer. The purpose in collecting the personal data is to complete the purchasing agreement between Funq Products AB and you as a customer. If your personal data is not given to us then a purchase cannot be completed.

Your personal data is used to:

  •       Create and handle your personal account on
  •       Process your orders and returns
  •       Send you text notifications about your delivery
  •       Contact you about potential problems with the delivery of your order
  •       Purchase history will be saved as a reference during conversation, a complaint or during a return

Data that is sent to other recipients is only done so to complete the purchasing agreement. The recipients of the personal data are:

  •       IT suppliers who deliver our e-commerce platforms
  •       Shipping companies
  •       Financial functions such as accounting and auditing firms

We save your data to fulfill the above purpose for 24 months or for as long as we are required to do so by law, which is 7 years according to the Swedish Bookkeeping Act.

Personal data collected for marketing purposes

We use your personal data to keep in contact with you as a customer and to inform you about new products and offers. We only send out information to you if you have shown an interest in our products through or a purchase or if you have signed up for our newsletters on your own initiative.

The legal basis for collecting personal data for marketing purpose is a legitimate interest.

We weigh your integrity with our interest to give you relevant news. Since you as a customer have shown an interest in our products, we have made the assessment that our newsletter which contains unique discounts and other offers, is relevant and is of interest to you. We balance these interests in which we take into account both the positive and negative effects and consider our interest justified.

In connection with sending out our newsletters we use external recipients for technical functionality, within the borders of the specified purpose.

Personal data that is sent to these recipients are:

  •       First & Last name
  •       E-mail address

We will never pass on, sell or trade your personal data for marketing purposes to third party recipients.

You can unsubscribe to our newsletters whenever you wish to do so. At that point all information sent to you for marketing purposes will seize. You can unsubscribe from our newsletters by clicking “Unsubscribe to newsletters” at the bottom of any newsletter.

If we have not heard from you in the past 24 months your data will be removed.

You can also unsubscribe by sending an e-mail to:

Where we store your personal data

We always aim to store personal data within EU/EES, but personal data can be sent and handled in countries outside EU/EES by a supplier or subcontractors.

In some cases, the data is stored outside at suppliers outside EES and are specified below.

  •       Mailchimp – e-mail supplier

In the other suppliers and recipients mentioned the data is stored within EU/EES.


Once a year, with no fee, you can ask for a transcript from us. The transcript shows what personal data we have stored about you.

If you want the transcript you need to log into your account. From there you can easily send us a request to get a transcript of your personal data.

If you do not have a customer account you can send us a request directly to:

The right to be hidden

If you want us to make your personal data anonymous you need to log into your account. From there you can easily send us a request to make your data anonymous. Note that once we have removed your personal data it cannot be recreated.

If you do not have a customer account you can send us a request directly to:

The right to restrict how we handle your data

As a customer you have the right to restrict the usage of your personal data to a limited purpose.

If you have asked for a correction of your personal data you can request a restriction on how your data is handled until the data is correct.

We will inform you when the restriction has ended.

You can send us a request directly to:

The right to object how we handle your data

As a customer you have the right to make objections regarding how we handle your personal data.

You can at any point object to your personal data being used for marketing purposes. At that point your personal data will no longer be used in this regard.

You can us send a request directly to:

Incomplete, wrong or misleading data

If you notice that your personal data is not showing correctly you can log into your account and easily change your data.

If you do not have a customer account you send us the changes directly to:

The right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority

If you think that the handling of your personal data is against the Swedish Data Protection Regulation you have the right to leave a complaint to a supervisory authority.

In Sweden the Data Protection Regulation is the supervisory authority.


Our website uses so-called cookies. It is a standardized technology which almost every website uses. The purpose of cookies is to be able to keep statistics on how the website is being used and providing us with useful information on how we can improve it for our users.

We do not save your personal data connected to your cookie-id and you can easily erase cookies from your computer or mobile device. In the settings of your web browser you can chose not accept cookies if you so choose. For instructions on how you handle and delete cookies you can go to the “Help” option in your browser.

There are two different types of cookies: permanent cookies and temporary cookies, also known as session cookies.

Permanent cookies are stored as files on your computer or mobile device for 480 hours, which is 20 days. We use permanent cookies to store your choice of starting page and your data if you click on “Remember Me” when you log in.

Session cookies are stored temporarily and they get deleted when you close your browser. We used these types of cookie when you use the product filtering function, to see whether or not you are logged in or if you put products in your cart.

Cookies from a third party

We use cookies from third parties in the purpose of collecting statistics and user data in aggregated form for analysis tools like Google Analytics and Bing Analytics, in order to analyze and optimize our website.

We use cookies from a third party for interest-related advertising/marketing, so called remarketing. These cookies are added by companies that provide social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Google, Bing, Vimeo and YouTube to collect what products you have clicked on, and what subpages you visited to try to show ads that are the most relevant for you. You can decline cookies from these external services by changing you settings on your own browser, or on accounts you have created on the suppliers own websites.

In charge of personal data

Funq Products AB

Strandvägen 31 C

444 31 Stenungsund

Telephone: +46 (0)8 796 55 00

E-mail address:

Business Directory: Bolagsverket (the Swedish Company Regstration Office)

Corporate Identity Number: 556741-6994

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