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Why compression stockings?

Support stockings and compression stockings increase blood circulation in the legs and thus counteract swollen and aching legs. Your legs feel more energetic and you simply have more stamina.

The effect of compression stockings on blood circulation and the use of compression stockings is well documented, and a proven method.

Who should use support stockings and compression stockings?

Everyone needs compression stockings! Do you sit still in an office all day, or do you stand and walk on a hard floor? Do you sometimes travel, go for a long walk or go on a shopping spree? Are you pregnant or have problems with swollen feet when it gets hot outside? Maybe you have troublesome varicose veins or venous leg ulcers? On all these occasions, compression stockings are a perfect product.

Everyday and medical purpose

Support stockings and compression stockings are used both for prevention and for medical purposes, but also in sports. Compression stockings stimulate the blood circulation in the legs and have a very good preventive effect against swollen and tired legs during, for example, pregnancy, on the flight, for those who sit or stand and walk a lot or strain the legs in other ways.

When it is for a medical purpose, such as in the case of severe varicose veins or leg ulcers, the higher classes 2 and above must be used, which is tested by a doctor. Read here about compression classes on support socks.

Sports and recovery

In recent times, compression stockings have become very popular in sports. Both during training but perhaps especially as recovery afterwards. During the actual performance of the sports activity, the extra pressure around the calves prevents muscle vibrations in the calves. After the sports activity, the compression stockings increase the blood flow in the muscles and cause the muscles to recover faster and thus also reduce training soreness. Read here about Faster recovery after training with compression stockings

This is how support stockings and compression stockings work

If we have poor circulation in the legs, they feel "tired", numb and can ache. When the blood flow deteriorates, the blood pressure in the veins increases, which is mainly felt in the legs and feet.

Inside the leg are valves that ensure that the oxygen-poor blood flows in the direction of the heart. If the pressure in the legs becomes too high, the valves stretch out and do not close tightly, which means that the transport of blood back to the heart is impaired and you may experience tired, heavy and swollen legs. There is a risk of developing spider veins, varicose veins and even leg ulcers if blood circulation is impaired.

Compression stockings help the blood in the veins, through a pressure over the ankle, to get to the heart and thus prevent swelling in the legs.

It is important that the pressure is graduated, i.e. that the pressure is highest around the ankle and decreases towards the heart.

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