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We want to be best in class!

At each delivery from the factory, we take random samples of the socks which are checked and measured. We check that all functions are in place and that they work as they should.

WE want to be the best in class. That's why we've invested in HATRA, an accredited test equipment where we regularly measure the compression of our support socks, ensuring they measure up. In order to maintain a high quality over time, we have a close dialogue with our factories.

Durability, requires creative solutions

We want our socks to last a long time. Toe and heel reinforcements are more the rule than the exception. In some cases we add extra reinforcement under the tread pad and on the heel cap.

The wear resistance is also affected by the choice of knitting machine. When we use knitting machines with 200 needles, we get a denser knitting structure, which makes the sock more durable. This is especially important when we work with fragile materials such as bamboo.

How the yarn is made also determines the wear resistance of the sock. Properties such as how long the fiber is, how the yarn is twisted and which spinning method was used play a role. Our organic cotton is extra durable as it is produced with the "compact spun" spinning technique.

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