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Choose the right size of your support socks

You can select your socks by going by the shoe size. If you have extra wide calves, it may be a good idea to go up a size. We have a measurement chart for those of you who prefer to try it on.

The compression sock should sit flat against the leg without a folded upper edge. A rule of thumb is that they should sit two fingers wide below the knee. To maintain compression, the socks should be rinsed or washed after each use.

To measure and choose support stockings or compression stockings

When choosing support socks, you can measure your ankles and calves to get the right size. It is important to measure directly in the morning before the legs start to swell. Measure with a tape measure at the point where the ankle is narrowest and at the point where the calf is widest.


When choosing your support socks, it is important that you choose ones that have a graduated support, i.e. where the pressure is higher around the ankle than up against the knee. Otherwise, the support stocking risks having the opposite effect. It is also important that the support socks you choose are not knitted with any hard elastic at the top so that the blood stagnates.

Points for measurement Funq Wear

Difficult to find the right size of support socks

Having trouble finding the right size for your support socks? Maybe you have very wide calves and need to go up a size on the calf measurement while the ankle measurement belongs to a smaller size?

Our classic ribbed Original support socks are elastic and work well even for you with slightly wider calves.

If you only need lighter support, our ankle socks can be a good alternative. They have a lighter support at the ankle and counteract swollen feet. If you don't have problems with swollen feet but need support for tired legs, our calf supports can be an alternative. The calf supports are designed like normal support socks, but without feet.

If you put on a pair of support socks and experience discomfort, take them off. The probability is high that you have chosen the wrong size.

Tips when choosing support socks in organic cotton

Our organic cotton socks shrink after washing. The shape of the ribbed Original support socks is narrower than the patterned support socks, which are wider and larger. This is because they are knitted using a different knitting technique and need to be shaped to get the right compression, which is not the case with the rib knit support socks.
Size Chart Support Socks Cotton Knee Funq Wear

Tips when choosing support socks in wool

Our wool support socks shrink after washing. In the wash, the wool is also mechanically processed so that it becomes wonderfully soft and comfortable.
Size chart compression socks wool Funq Wear

Tips when choosing support stockings in nylon with a lace edge

When you choose our knee socks with lace, you should remember not to go below the calf measurement on the table for the reason that then the silicone on the sock will not stick to the leg and hold it in place. If you have narrow legs and are on the borderline between two sizes on the calf measurement, it may be a good idea to choose the smaller size. The same applies to our stay-ups, albeit with the thigh measurements.

Size Chart Support Socks Nylon Lace Edge Funq Wear
Size Chart Stay-up Support Socks Nylon Lace Edge Funq Wear

Tips when choosing the size of nylon support tights

When choosing nylon support tights, it is important to take your height into account. The tights are generally small in their sizes. Also, don't forget to choose a size with room for your toes. The feet of the nylon socks are not as elastic as the cotton socks, so preferably do not go down in foot size.

Size Chart Compression Tights Nylon Lace Edge Funq Wear

Tips when choosing the size of compression sleeves

The size chart below shows which measurements around the ankle and what gives a compression of 18-21mmHg. Added to this is the length of the legs. If you know you have long shins, go up a size, otherwise the calf supports will be perceived as too short. If you have short shins but wide legs, you can stay in your size range because the length is usually swallowed by the width.

Matt table_104x36_multi_sport.jpeg

Tips when choosing the size of wrist warmers?

Which size you choose for your wrist warmers is really a matter of taste depending on what you want to achieve. Do you want to use wrist warmers solely for the sake of warmth or do you also want a little lighter support.

The size chart below will give you an indication of when you should go up a size in your wrist warmers so they are not too tight.

Size chart Wrist warmers Funq Wear

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