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Without foot

Our support socks without feet are knitted in thin polyamide. They have a fresh and sporty look that makes you feel stylish and motivated in your training or your sports practice. By using calf support from Funq® Wear during your training, you recover faster before the next session. The legs don't feel as numb and stiff, sore joints and training pains are counteracted.

Perfect for training both outdoors and indoors.

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Support stockings without feet

Calf supports ULTRA THIN are like support socks but without the foot. It is a popular unisex model that has been tested on both women and men. They have a graduated compression and help increase blood circulation in the legs.

The muscles then get a greater flow of oxygenated blood and the legs don't feel as numb and stiff, sore joints and exercise pain are counteracted. Calf support stabilizes
also the calf muscle and counteracts vibrations in the calf that can lead to inflammation. On the calf there is an inserted mesh zone, to optimize
moisture permeability.

Therefore, you should use support socks without feet

Calf supports have the same function and structure as regular support socks, with the exception that they lack feet. Because the decreasing pressure starts around the ankle instead of down at the foot, they do not counteract swollen feet. If you know that your feet swell easily, you should rather choose compression socks with feet.

In other words, support socks without feet can to some extent replace regular support socks. In the summer it can be uncomfortable to use knee socks and then these can be a solution if the legs feel heavy and tired. The feet get their freedom and the legs are kept alert.

Because they counteract calf inflammation, stiff muscles, lactic acid and muscle soreness, you can use calf supports to recover faster after exercise and improve your performance in the sport you're practicing.


Have you been
affected by old man calves, calf support with compression speed up
the rehabilitation.

When it is difficult to find the right size of compression stockings

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right size of your compression stockings becausefoot size and calf size are not always matching. Then it might be a good idea to try support socks without feet.

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