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Help us extend the life of your socks by taking care of them properly. Here are some well-chosen pieces of advice.

Big no-no

Never tumble dry your socks. It wears on the fibres, the heat also impairs the elasticity. This is especially important when it comes to support stockings. You should of course also not iron your socks for the same reason.

Big yes-yes

Feel free to wash or rinse your support socks after a day of use. Then you get the original shape and compression back. Applies above all to organic cotton, which stretches with use. Sweat also wears down the elastane and thus the elasticity.

Use a laundry bag when washing nylon stockings. They are extra sensitive to wire breaks.

To avoid holes in nylon stockings

Before putting on your nylon stockings, pull them lengthwise. Then they don't break as easily when you touch them. If the wire breaks, gently scratch the surface with your fingernail. If you're lucky, it will disappear.

Switch feet

Vary which foot you put the sock on. Since we have a tendency to wear out the same place on the socks, it is good to deliberately wear them on different feet. A simple way to make your socks last longer.

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