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Skiing is absolutely the most fun I know! I don't know what does it, if it's getting outside and getting fresh air when it's at its darkest and coldest outside? Or if it's the feeling of freedom when you slide down the hill, or the total focus that makes you forget everything else?

But there are things that take the edge off a perfect ski day! Frozen toes or cramps in the calves because the boots are too tight. The solution is simple, choose socks with compression!

Why use ski socks with compression?

Everyone knows that in order to control the skis, the boots need to fit tightly. Sometimes so hard that the calves cramp. The blood circulation is cut off in the calves and they become completely dumb. Feet and toes start to freeze, due to the cold but also because the blood circulation is prevented by the tightly fitting boots.

As I said, the boots cut off the blood flow to the calves, which causes them to cramp easily and become stiff. The poor blood circulation in the legs also causes the feet to become cold. By using compression stockings, blood circulation is stimulated. Compression socks have a harder pressure around the ankle, which becomes less the further up the socks go. This makes it easier for the blood to reach the heart and then be oxygenated by the lungs.

Support socks in merino wool

Thin wool socks with compression has a tight fit and sits smoothly in place. There will be no chafing folds or edges in the boot. Not only that, the compression keeps the calves strong and fresh longer. Wool's unique properties such as moisture transport and dirt repellency keep the feet warm, dry and clean.


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