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A healthy and strong foot is essential to being able to move smoothly and maintain good balance. Unfortunately, the foot is a somewhat forgotten part of our body.

The task of the foot

The foot's job is to be a support and distribute our weight evenly and control our body posture. The wider the foot is to stand on, the more stable it is when we stand up. It is the width and stability of the front foot that is particularly important. This is where the foot is most heavily loaded. By having a greater spread on the toes and big toe, the pressure on the forefoot is reduced. The pressure is distributed more evenly and this in turn stabilizes the foot and ankle.

Increased balance with a functional foot

A functional foot contributes to increased balance. When our feet are strong and flexible, we can stand firmly and distribute our weight evenly. This reduces the risk of tripping or falling and helps us maintain good posture. By exercising and strengthening the muscles of the foot, we can improve our balance and reduce the risk of fall-related injuries, especially in older people.

Free toe space with toe socks

It is common for toes to be pinched in narrow shoes that do not follow the natural shape of the foot, and this can lead to pain when moving. In order to restore the natural function of the foot, it is important to load the foot regularly with shoes that are designed according to the natural shape of the foot and allow the toes to spread out and stabilize the foot.

The free toe space of the toes is important because it allows the toes to spread naturally when we walk or run. This reduces the risk of the toes being pinched or overlapping, which can lead to pain and discomfort. In addition, it helps improve blood circulation in the foot and promotes better muscle activation.

To help spread the toes, we can use toe socks that separate the toes from each other through their five toes.

Wide toe box on shoes and socks

A wide toe box is also an important factor for a functional foot. Many shoes have a narrow toe box that limits the freedom of movement of the toes and can cause discomfort and pain. By choosing shoes with a wide toe box, we can give our toes enough space to spread and move naturally. This helps improve foot stability and reduces the risk of injury and overuse.

By making socks where the toes get plenty of room, we promote that the toes get plenty of room.

Train the foot muscles

It is also important to exercise and strengthen the foot muscles regularly by doing exercises such as toe grips and foot rolling. Walking barefoot on soft surfaces can also be beneficial for strengthening the foot muscles and improving balance.

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