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What are the benefits of cushioned socks? Preventing shoe chafing seems like an obvious answer, but are there other benefits to a little extra cushioning around the heel, toe and sole?

The answer is yes.

The shock-absorbing function of the feet

We stress our feet day in and day out. At the age of 40, the feet often start to make themselves reminded. Hard surfaces, excess weight and shoes that don't fit properly are some of the things that affect our foot health.

A common dilemma is that the fat pads under the feet risk thinning with age. The fat pads act as shock absorbers and affect not only the foot but the entire body. Without our natural shock absorption, the step feels hard and it hurts especially in the heel.

Good shoes are very important for your foot health. If the problems are not urgent, you can get standard shoe inserts. Otherwise, individually fitted shoe insoles and custom-made footbeds are recommended.

Socks that make the step softer

Padded socks mean that the surface you walk on will not be as hard. This can feel very beneficial if you are becoming sensitive to numb feet. Here it is important that you choose socks where the padding covers the entire sole of the foot.

Padding against chafing

As we mentioned earlier in the article, padded socks are fantastically comfortable for you who are prone to chafing. The padding dampens hard seams from shoes and reduces friction between shoe and foot. Read more about socks against chafing here.

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