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It can hardly be more Funq Wear than this. It was with ORIGINAL that everything started. If you're going to choose a single support sock for your wardrobe, it's ORIGINAL! With a knitting technology that beats most, you have a great support sock! Increases blood circulation in the legs and counteracts swelling, which gives energetic and vigorous legs.


Graduated compression, 15-18 mmHg

1:1 rib for good elasticity

Knitted on 200 needles for extra fine quality

Elastic-free design

Easy to put on

Extra roomy toe

Compression-free zone around the forefoot

Toe and heel reinforcement as well as at the foot pad and heel cap


55% Organic cotton, 30% Polyamide, 15% Elastane

Washing & Care guide

Follow the washing instructions for longer durability. We recommend rinsing or washing the socks after use to preserve the compression. Never tumble dry or iron the product. May shrink slightly on first wash. 60 degrees. The sock should sit smoothly against the leg without a folded upper edge.

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