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Today, Funq Wear is more than just a hosiery brand. Just as important as producing sustainable socks loaded with functions is taking a social responsibility and benefiting society.

Maud Häggblad, founder and CEO, has dreamed of getting involved in volunteer work and helping vulnerable people since she was young. The dream has been waiting and the idea was to, when the children are grown, go out into the world and make a difference. Helping people find employment. But the opening came earlier and by chance.

Why wait until "then" and "far away"? Suddenly it was clear that dreams don't have to wait. They just need a little tweaking. Today, Funq Wear helps people who find it difficult to get out into working life. Through strong presence, clear goals and belief in each person's unique ability, we see fantastic development in our employees. Sometimes things go a little wrong, and the customer may have to wait a bit. So be it, we all make mistakes.

"It's fantastic to see people develop and not least to develop myself together with the employees," says Maud Häggblad, founder of Funq Wear.

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