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The year was 2004 and I, Maud the would-be sock nerd, had just produced a collection of colorful support socks for my degree project at the University of Textiles. Revolutionary I thought, because the market only offered support stockings in beige and navy. I was completely new to the industry and had a hard time finding a factory that could produce the support stocking I had spent so much time developing.

I wanted the best support sock, in a fine mesh 1:1 rib. It requires a knitting machine with a double cylinder that is partly able to feed in the elastane with grading, and partly has 200 needles to get that thin fine rib knit. I ended up investing in my own knitting machine and set it up at a factory in Lithuania, a factory that we still collaborate with today.

Prepared with machine settings on a floppy disk, I went down to the factory, and started testing my way to the perfect sock. The first sample was 2 meters long and 5 cm wide!

It is technically impossible to knit patterns with a double cylinder knitting machine. We solved that by applying a hand-printed print on the side of the sock, in the shape of an F. In 2006, Original was launched and in 2007 we replaced the cotton with organic cotton.

Original was, as I said, a success, and today is something of a hallmark for Funq Wear.

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