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The unique properties of bamboo fiber

The bamboo fiber is a natural fiber and has similar properties to silk. The special fiber makes it a smooth and soft material to wear on the foot. Thanks to the cut of the bamboo fiber, bamboo socks absorb sweat and moisture quickly.

The bamboo fiber is an organic fiber

Bamboo grows on dry and nutrient-poor soils and thus does not require fertilization or irrigation to any great extent. The bamboo plant is also very fast-growing, which means that a full-grown bamboo plant can be harvested after about 3 months.

The bamboo also contains bamboo kun, which is a natural antibacterial substance. This, together with the bamboo's hard shell, protects the bamboo from attack during cultivation. The cultivation of bamboo plants therefore does not require the addition of chemical pesticides.

Bamboo - naturally antibacterial

The bamboo fiber thus has a natural substance in it called bamboo kun. This substance remains throughout the manufacturing process. The bamboo socks thus get their antibacterial properties naturally from the fiber and therefore do not need to undergo a chemical preparation to get their unique antibacterial properties.

Unique moisture-transporting property

The bamboo absorbs sweat and moisture quickly. This is due to the cross-section of the bamboo fiber. The unique properties of bamboo mean that with bamboo socks the feet stay pleasantly dry even in tight shoes. Bamboo's unique breathability means feet feel cool in warmer climates and warmer in cold temperatures.

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