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Agree that toe socks can look quite amusing on the foot. So why is it so good to wear toe socks?

Because each toe is "cherished" by its own little sock, each toe gets its own light massage. The toes also move more. This stimulates blood circulation and results in the feet maintaining a more even temperature.

Toes stay drier when separated from each other with fabric, an effective way to combat athlete's foot.

The socks have a positive effect on balance by separating the toes. You get a more natural movement in your feet and toes. Separating the toes gives them a unique training opportunity. A dysfunctional big toe and arch as well as poor musculature in the feet can result in hip, knee and back problems as well as problems with the feet when exercising.

Did you know that it is precisely the big toe that shoots off last in a running step? It is therefore important for the toes to get their own little strength training to maintain their muscles and function.

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