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Swollen legs and feet are more common than you think and the vast majority of people get affected at some point in their lives.

Common causes are that we strain our legs too hard, for example if we have been standing up for a long time on hard floors, gone on a lovely but tiring long walk. Being overweight or hormonal changes such as during pregnancy, a sedentary job or a trip with tight leg space can cause legs and feet to swell. Warmer climates and some medical conditions can also lead to swelling.

The swelling can be recognized by the fact that the legs and feet feel tense and you find it difficult to move the joints. You feel tired in your legs and a tingling sensation may occur.

Venous edema and lymphedema

Edema is a disease that causes swollen legs and feet. Edema means an accumulation of fluid in the body's tissues. Some common edemas where compression therapy is used are venous edema and lymphedema.

Venous edema manifests itself in swollen feet and legs, and is caused by the veins not working as they should. The veins transport the oxygen-poor blood up to the heart with the help of valves. If this does not work normally, the blood collects in the veins in the legs, which can lead to leg ulcers and discoloration.

Lymphedema is when lymph fluid collects in the body. Common places where lymphedema occurs are the arms and legs, which swell up. In many cases, compression stockings are sufficient as treatment.

Help against swollen legs and feet

Compression stockings can alleviate this. It is important that the support socks or compression socks have a graduated support, i.e. that the compression is higher around the ankle and has a decreasing pressure up against the knee.

Compression stockings and support stockings increase blood circulation in the legs and thus counteract tired and swollen legs. This creates a better sense of well-being and gives the legs more energy. Funq Wear has a graduated support and maintains high quality and comfort and is available in a variety of models and stylish colors.

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