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Your feet carry you through life, every day all year round!


The feet are subjected to a considerable amount of stress every day and deserve all the attention they can get. Having pain and problems with your feet affects your general condition and can lead to you suddenly becoming very limited in your freedom of movement.

Good socks and shoes are a good investment for your feet. Moisturizing the feet so they are supple and healthy without cracks is an important part of good foot care. Dry skin and cracks increase the risk of warts and fungus.

It is recommended to see a pediatrist once a year for preventive purposes. In between, you can easily take care of your feet on your own.

Energetic legs and happy feet every day

  • Wash, dry and moisturize your feet every day
  • Keep your feet free from cracks
  • Put on clean socks
  • Go barefoot as often as possible

Home spa once a week

  • Foot bath in lukewarm water, with coarse salt and preferably with essential oil
  • Cut toenails straight and file sharp edges
  • Carefully file calluses with a sandpaper file

Good socks

  • Always use clean socks
  • Choose natural materials such as cotton, wool, bamboo, etc. that do not dry out the skin as much as synthetic materials
  • Avoid hard elastic
  • Avoid thick seams that chafe (in case of extra sensitivity, turn the seams outwards)


Good luck with your new good habits!

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