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Have we all suffered from cold feet especially during the chilly winter months? However, some of us are affected a little more. We regularly freeze our feet and even hands, while the rest of the body is warm and comfortable. 

What does it actually depend on?

Most common cause behind cold feet

The most common reason behind cold feet is that the blood vessels constrict in the external body parts such as feet and hands, in order to conserve heat in the rest of the body. This can also occur if you are stressed and nervous.

Smoking is another common cause of blood vessels constricting. In the long run, this can cause damage to the feet due to poor blood supply and circulation.

There is also a condition with excessive vasoconstriction but this is not as common. Certain drugs can also increase vasoconstriction. 

Poor blood circulation

Poor blood circulation in the feet and legs can also cause frozen feet, although it is not the most common cause. Do you sit still for a long time and/or have poor blood circulation can contribute to colder feet. 

Help against cold feet

If you have major problems, it never hurts to take an extra trip to your GP. Most of the time, however, cold feet are a benign condition and are most easily remedied with a pair of really good and warm socks. Doing some extra housewife gymnastics can also increase the heat in the body. 

Wool is a fantastic material that retains heat in its airy fiber structure, so a pair of really warm and good wool socks is to be recommended.

If you have poor blood circulation, you can be helped by support socks, and to get really warm, you can choose support socks in wool .

Toe socks can also increase friction and heat around the feet. Since each toe is covered by its own little sock, the friction between the toes increases and heat is generated. Here too, toe socks in wool are preferable because you then get to take part in the function of both the sock and the fiber - a nice "all-in-one solution"!

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